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12 Days of Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Sustainable Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season.

It's Christmas and there's still time to get hold of some last minute gifts! Having really enjoyed the takeover I did with SH24 about gifting sexy and sustainable, I thought I’d do a round up here of some sizzling Secret Santa suggestions! If you’re still shopping here’s some eco-sexy inspiration for your Xmas wish list!

1) GAIA – by Blush novelties – A biodegradable bullet vibe! Yes! This product gets right to the heart of what it means to "Fuck yourself not the planet". I’ve been wanting to try it for ages because it sounds almost space age. There's one coming to me through the post right now. So, I'll let you now how it goes!

2) There’s lots of alternative materials you could consider for sex toys, that are far more sustainable than those that have plastic/jelly components. Look for ones which are Phthalate free and they'll be better for the environment and your body too. You could give wooden toys a go! like these one by Nobessence, I absolutely love this company for their sculptural design. They have plenty of different shapes and sizes and keep their items hygienic with a patented coating called “Lubrosity”.

3) Ceramics come from the earth so are super body compatible as well as being environmentally friendly. Prudence our sustainable porcelain massager is made through artisanal methods. Porcelain is an organic material that’s been around for 1000s of years and doesn’t make toxic emissions.

Moreover, the process we use doesn’t waste a vast amount of water and they’re fired in an electric kiln. Leftover clay from making each piece can be used again straight away to make more!

4) Then, of course, there’s glass toys which are similar in terms of being a sustainable material but are also recyclable. This being said borosilicate glass, which is often used for its durability can’t be recycled as easily. It's always worth double checking how to get rid of your old toys. I’m a big fan of these glass toys by Curated Toys. for their great colours!

5) Shopping locally to reduce air miles is an easy way to make an instantaneous impact whatever it is that you’re planning to buy…There’s so many homegrown options to choose from, such as these darling planters by Gash Trays. (pictured below) Who have an all round mission to be ethical as well as sustainable, starting from body positivity outwards!

6) Another local option is the infamous Doxy Wand made here in the U.K.! They have a charmingly British back story, being previously a scaffolding manufacturer who turned the same technology that made their building materials towards making sex toys. And with the Doxy's strong aluminium shaft, I can kind of see where they got the idea.

7) A simple way to make a change to your habits is to purchase an Organic lubricant such as YES Organics. Organic lubes are available in lots of health food shops and larger pharmacies, as well as online! It makes a thoughtful, yet naughty stocking filler for someone you think might like some special treatment. Soil Association Accredited options are good for the water table and your natural pH!

8) Try vegan condoms, such as Hanx (available in multiple sizes) – For the gift which keeps on giving, you could also get a subscription. What better than the present of convenience? Let’s face it, its a game changer!

9) As for sexy attire try Self and More's T shirt section! Their Wanker Tees are made by an amazing company called Hit and Run, who pride themselves on being “Anti fast fashion” - Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, they have a fully transparent supply chain. Here's a little snap of me wearing mine below.

10) If you need something with a little more impact, why not try some latex accessories. These latex gauntlets by Milkshaken are smokey and sassy for nights out on the town. All Milkshaken's products are handmade by artisans in her Berlin atelier using only EU based suppliers and all the packaging is recyclable.

11) When it comes to underwear, I can recommend Lara Intimates. They use dead stock fabric to create each range and are based here in the U.K. I have one of their non-underwired designs and it's the most comfy thing to wear around the house. But there’s loads of other sweet but small, independent underwear companies out there to try too.

Finally, on the 12th day of Christmas... You might be looking to get kinky. For which I can suggest a local U.K. company who make all their products through artisanal methods. The Model Traitor's range of luxury bondage and flagellants are just exquisite.

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