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5 Reasons to make love to yourself this Valentine’s Day

Step aside Cupid - This Valentine’s season is all about self love!

We asked the team over at SheSpot to tell us why they'll be putting themselves first this Valentine's day.

"Here at SheSpot we believe that whether you’re single or in a relationship (or something in between!), prioritising self pleasure can take your satisfaction, wellbeing and self-esteem to a whole new level. Self pleasure can take many forms: maybe you reach straight for your favourite sex toy, or perhaps you warm up first with a hot bath, self massage or sexy audio story.

However you decide to spend your self love session there are some serious benefits involved - here are our top 5!"

1. Knowledge is pleasure

Going solo is a great way to learn what makes you tick, in a safe environment and in your own time.

Having the space to experiment with different sensations, techniques and settings can reveal new ways of unlocking pleasure, and allow you to gain a much deeper appreciation of what your body needs and how it will respond.

Plus, while the big O isn’t the only goal, a greater understanding of your sexual needs can mean more regular, powerful orgasms! Win!

2. Self pleasure is good for you

The potential health benefits of self pleasure are literally endless, but here are some of our favourites…

  • Orgasms can release happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which can boost your mood and even improve your energy!

  • Self pleasure can be a really mindful activity, helping to reduce your stress levels and improve sleep

  • Some studies have seen a link between orgasms and an enhanced immune system

  • Research indicates that sexual pleasure can raise pain thresholds and ease things like menstrual cramps and headaches.

3. Feel confident AF

Did you know, studies have shown a link between masturbation and our sense of self-confidence?

Getting to know our bodies and the amazing things they’re capable of, as well as taking responsibility for our own pleasure, can create a wonderful sense of independence, pride and self-esteem. This can be a really empowering feeling that you can take beyond the walls of your bedroom (or wherever you choose to love yourself!).

4. Enjoy better sex with others

Getting to know yourself sexually can have a really positive effect on your sex life with others.

Knowing what you like and need can give you a better idea of your standards, boundaries and expectations with a partner. You may also feel more confident in communicating your preferences.

All of these things foster healthier and more empowering sex (where your pleasure is prioritised!).

5. Self pleasure is fun!

Ok this one’s obvious - but the fun literally never ends when it comes to self pleasure.

Experimenting with new techniques, settings and products is an exciting way to explore your sexuality and escape from the stresses of the day.

At SheSpot we’re on a mission to show you the huge variety of sexual wellness products now available on the market, specifically those designed with women in mind. Our self love boxes include a curated range of premium products spanning sexual pleasure to intimate care and mood setting treats for everyone.

We’re so pleased to feature Fine Bone’s beautiful ‘Latest Flame’ Massage Candle in our Winter Glow Box! You can subscribe here to kickstart your self love journey!

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