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Are ceramic massagers safe?

Kiln-fired products have one of the highest tensile strengths around and so won’t break even in vigorous use. This is why ceramics endure the test of time. They are also hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. The all over glaze and vitrification makes them non-porous they won't harbour bacteria. However, they aren’t built to endure shock, so chipping and cracking are a possibility. Use with common sense intact, as with any other household ceramic eg. cups and saucers. See instruction manual for do’s and don'ts or email us with specific questions at and we’ll get back to you.

How do I use massage candles?

Our candle is made with natural ingredients and is CPSR approved safe for the skin. Just light the candle for at least 20 minutes, allowing it to form enough oil. Blow the flame out and let the oil cool down for 2 minutes until at a sufficient temperature to touch with your finger. Then massage into the surface of the skin. The candle is intended for massage so should always be poured off between uses for best results. The product is intended for external use so isn't for use on intimate areas.  


How do I clean ceramics?

Using a sex toy cleaning product is advisable but good old-fashioned (mild) soapy water will do too. Try not to use abrasive cleaning implements and don’t put in the dishwasher. You shouldn’t need to sterilise these products by boiling because they are vitrified and glazed so aren’t porous.


Will the packaging be discreet?

Absolutely! We send unbranded packaging, with no logos. When shipping internationally we declare the item as a ceramic massage tool which we are legally obligated to do. The purchase will show up as “Fine Bone Ltd.” on your statement. 

How can I use massage tools externally?

Rubbing the tip around the lips of the vulva and pushing it into the clit is a warm and hard sensation which differs from the texture of fingers. You can use Prudence as a massage stone else where on the body for instance holding it side on and pushing in sweeps over broad areas such as the inner thigh region. 

How can Prudence benefit your pelvic floor?

Generally, it just helps have something there to focus your contractions around. For more detailed pelvic floor advice try these resources:




We discreetly package all of our products for dispatch. Our aim is to ship all items within 2 working days of placing the order. Since we’re a small company this isn’t always possible. However, we will update you when you place an order on when you are likely to receive your product and warn you of any delays.


Our shipping cost is based on a 1-3 day delivery throughout the UK, Monday - Friday


International shipping is charged according to region. Orders may incur charges or duties at the border.




We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the intimate nature of our products. This is a handfinished item and subject to variance as part of its charm therefore each piece is unique. If your item is damaged or defective on arrival then please contact as soon as possible (within 30 days) with images of the defect. 

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