Our products are naturally waterproof, so can be used with any lubricant. The glazed finish is hygienic and easy to clean. Give them a rub after use with a mild soapy water or a sex toy cleaner.



Ceramics are great
conductors and warm up to the skin in a sensual way. Playing with temperature is a
 good way of reconnecting with your body all over in a slow and considered way.


We’d like to think our toys could live discreetly on your bedside table no questions asked.The cotton travel bag provides cushioning and privacy when on the go and we don’t use branding when shipping.



Having something solid to push against provides resistance to the natural clenches of your Kegel muscles which should heighten your orgasms whilst also toning your pelvic floor.   ​



It began with a trial and error approach, moulding different shapes from clay and testing them out until it felt good. The winning prototype was solid porcelain, hand-turned on a lathe, this was 3D scanned and the shape was tweaked for performance. Once perfect, we took her to a crowdfunding platform to produce our first batch with an artisan ceramicist who individually hand makes each piece.



Currently, we are using this same process to design our anal-accomplice: Patience


Ethical Sluttery

Porcelain is prized for its elegance but it’s also strong, sustainable and natural. Our products aren't porous, they are hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free which make them super compatible with your body. Our organic cotton bags are made by Freeset who as well as being Fair-trade have a commendable mission to empower women through choice.


Prudence is a virtue <3


Fine Bone makes sustainable sexual wellness products to feel good all over.




That experience of going into a sex shop and feeling like you’re not sexy, sultry or hardcore enough to buy the products is exactly what I wanted to avoid. This desire coupled with a love of hard toys made me want to launch my own product. Something pretty to look at and rock solid. I hope to reinforce the idea of sex as a fun activity which is free and accessible to everyone, whether you're by yourself or in company.


If you'd prefer to source our products from closer to home here's some of our stockists across Europe, America and Australia.