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This so good that you could (almost) eat it candle is handmade from only the loveliest vegan ingredients in our London studio.​

Massage Candles

If you already enjoy massage, then Latest Flame will take your experience one sensual-step further by enhancing it with warmth and candle light. Which is great if you're looking for a tactile addition to your romantic night in but equally lovely to integrate into your daily relaxation ritual. 


Taking inspiration from the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate, we’ve scented our massage candle with organic cacao butter, tonka bean & sandalwood. The candle has a soy wax base with nourishing cold-pressed coconut and almond oils to sooth and

relax the body.


In keeping with Fine Bone’s aim to promote sustainable pleasure, Latest Flame arrives to you in a porcelain jug which you can use again and again. Its glazed pink on the inside creating a rosy glow wherever its lit. Or, the way we see it; providing you with portable mood lighting.

"It offers such sensual aromas, textures and warmth that just melt away any stress. The people receiving my
latest massages aren't complaining either!"

Oli Lipski


The Queer Sensualist


Serving Suggestion: Take your sweet time.

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