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“I just had a really great orgasm. One of those orgasms when afterwards you’re like Phwoar!!! “I’m f**king done mate”

Florence Bark

Come Curious

Why Ceramic?

Ceramics are a great conductor and warm up to the skin in a sensual way. Just feel the way she heats up in your hand and you'll see what we mean. To take it to the next level use Prudence with warm and iced water for a spot of temperature play. It's a good mode of reconnecting with the body in a slow and mindful way. 


Pottery is prized for its elegance but its also strong, sustainable and natural. Our vegan products aren't porous, the'yre hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free which makes them compatible with the body. On an environmental level ceramics are a raw material (effectively just fired earth) and they don't release toxins back into the environment once discarded.

We think sex objects should subtly integrate with your life; they should be beautiful and unassuming. We'd like to think Prudence could live on your bedside table no questions asked. Our organic cotton travel bags provide privacy on the go. And in case you're wondering we use unbranded packaging when shipping. 

We like it hard and heavy. Prudence is cast from solid kaolin which makes her compact form pretty weighty. Something solid to push against provides resistance to the natural clenches of your Kegel muscles which should heighten your orgasms whilst also toning your pelvic floor.

“It’s pretty
much a
perfect dildo”

Karin Jones

Erotic Review Magazine

“This toy has helped me realise things that my body can do, that I didn't know it could do"

Hannah Witton

Sex Educator & Digital Creator

“It got me juicier
for longer and the warmth that it
kept is amazing

Nadia Deen
Founder of Am Appointment

Her Vital Statistics
5 - 3 - 4"

The Handle


is useful for grip,

especially when lubey.

For a light buzz along

the shaft use with a vibrating cock ring. Or better still, in conjunction with your favourite vibrator.

The Tip


Point the rounded tip upwards towards the navel and

move in small circular motions or thrusts. This will stimulate your G-Spot area. (which is about 3” inside

the vagina as a general rule)

outline web.png

The Body Wave

Takes you from minimum to maximum girth in one smooth wave, meaning that you’re in control of the toy’s width depending on how deep you thrust. For less intensity use a 

shallower depth.

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