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9 DIY Resources for Sensual Self Love

I believe in the power of sexual experimentation to innovate. sex is the best impetus to create things! The way Prudence was designed was a "suck it and see process." Little did I know back when I started doing this that there was a growing movement of people exploring homemade ways to expand their pleasure.

Oli Lipski, Sensuality Strategist and Sex Tech writer held an Instagram Live with me on the topic: DIY SEX TECH & SENSUAL SELF CARE.

We discussed the future of sensuality and the projects that inspire us. Here are links to some of the resources we talked about:

. Raspberry Dream Labs- describe themselves as "a team of artists and engineers drawn together to create innovative multi-sensory solutions for cybersex." (see left) They are also active in giving lectures and running webinars around London.

. Deviant Designs - This is the most joyful of BDSM projects! Born of one man's sadistic love of inflicting pain on his partner. Deviant Designs is a blog and online shop of home engineered torture devices.

. Wisp Me - Is a sensual jewellery company developed from the sex tech movement. They incorporate all of the senses into their products, particularly the evocative power of scent. They encourage self-exploration and experimentation through wearable-technology.

. The Dodil - Is an endlessly re-modellable dildo. The shape is malleable when heated up in cool water and hardens at room temperature. (see left)

. Ferley - Is an audio guide to mindful sex, which comes highly recommended by Oli. They have an app with 3 principles. To prioritise pleasure, explore eroticism and cultivate confidence.

. Pinky Promise - Pinky Promise began this year by hosting a sensual soirée, which incidentally we ran a stall at. They describe themselves as ethical hedonists and have since branched out into a plethora of fascinating workshops since then. Check out their June programme where you can learn about anything from "Outercourse" to “Communicating Desires”.

. The Sex Toy Collective – Most notable for their online “Dildo Sculptor” I feel very much on the same page as this intiative. Their main aim is “to help people learn to craft sex toys, a hobby that's fun, rewarding, and easier than most people realize.”

. Lustery – Is an inspiring online platform for amateur couples to broadcast what they get up to behind doors. It’s subscription-based and performers are paid per video upload. It’s a refreshing way to see how

real life couples are approaching intimacy.

. The VR Sexologist – Aka French sexologist Cathleen Smoos taps into her wildest fantasies using VR. She created an app which communicates with sex toys to fulfill her dream of having sex with the ocean. Power to explore the unknown is literally limitless in this area. The VR sexology website broadcasts a podcast every month on new developments within cyber-sextech. It’s definitely an area to watch.

Have fun exploring!



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