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The Workshop

Prudence is handmade in Utrecht by artisanal ceramicist Alf.

This January we visited his studio to witness the process first hand.

We took the train from London to Utrecht and were there in less than 4 and a half hours. Having been in the prototyping phase for 5 years, finally seeing production in full swing was surreal. It's probably obvious how excited I was from the photos here.

From looking around the workshop, it's clear that there's many painstaking processes which go into crafting each piece. From mould making and slip casting, bisque firing through to glazing. We had to come up with a special method of firing the product in order that it could be glazed all over. It's highly specialised work and only the very best pieces make it to market.

After a brief production line of rolling and packing we departed homeward with 3 suitcases of Prudence. Taking care not to leave the locality without a stroopwaffel for the road.

Getting the product manufactured in a traditional way in a traditional region seemed fitting for Prudence. (we like to think she's a true lady, only wanton from the waist down) In terms of sustainability: waste from making a batch can go straight back into making more pieces. Not to mention, the kiln is electric, the material organic and there's no toxic emissions. I couldn't be happier.

It was a pleasure to meet with Alf and we hope to visit his Utrecht studio again soon.

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