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Top 5 Anal Toys

...As recommended by the participants of the Fine Bone Anal Questionnaire

I asked people if there were any particular toys they preferred... So far, anal beads and classic silicone butt plugs (vibrating and non-vibrating) have been the favourites. The toy with the worst feedback was the princess plug, which I took to mean miniature bejewelled butt plugs. Amongst the general answers there were a few recurring brand names and models which came highly rated - Here's a shortlist:


Named after a Capricious Norse God... Lelo's Loki is a powerful prostate massager with 6 settings. It's also rechargeable and waterproof. The design seems similar to their classic G Spot Massager "Gigi" but with the prostate in mind.


Enter Teledildonics! Hush is a fully digital, interactive vibrating butt-plug that you can sync to your music or control remotely both nearby and over long distances. It's got some interesting features such as a screw thread neck designed for helping to remove it an "S" shaped base (for comfort and safety). The design is similar to the classic "Christmas Tree" shape that we know and love but the details seem considered and thoughtful.

3 - NJOY | Various

Njoy gets recurring feedback for their plugs and wands. Their products are made out of surgical grade stainless steel and their shapes undulate. The weight, strength and smoothness is popular, especially with those that love a "full" sensation.

4 - SH! Women's store | Traditional Vibrating Anal Plug

There were various recommendations that simple, colourful, silicone plugs do the trick when it comes to all sizes of anal play. There's several options out there, including Godemich, Lovehoney and even Etsy. For me, the best outlet to get hold of one of these beauties would be SH! Women's Emporium. Their take on a classic design has a charming heart shaped base for safety and "displays of affection". Dreamy!


Last but not least! There were several recommendations towards B Vibe Products. B Vibe have some handy video tutorials for how to approach anal play on their website too. The Snug Plug range, comes in 5 different sizes. They're weighted with a slender, flexible neck and soft T Bar flare. The stimulation is less around the sphincter and deeper inside the rectum. I feel this would lend itself to pleasuring the female "A spot" or anterior fornix, right up near the cervix. The snug plug comes recommended for double penetration too.

I'll keep you posted on the findings but in the mean time if you'd like to share any anal toys (or even household objects!) that you've enjoyed - Get in touch.


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