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Kathie Bishop on... Lubricant & Self Love

As medical herbalist who specialises in helping women with their vaginal health I hear many stories about how all sorts of products, designed on the face of it for vaginal use, have upset the comfort of my clients, stung their vulvas and vaginas, given them yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Its massively unfortunate.

So many women go away feeling like their bodies just don’t work for the products as they are supposed to, and that the benefits they suggest are just not for them. One of those product categories, lube, is consigned to being a kind of treat for their partner (not them) or something that is just ‘needed’ when the menopause comes knocking for you. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me feel too comfortable.

First of all, the right lube makes everything better! And let’s have no shaming around the idea that some of us can get wetter than others. We might not feel we need it. However wet you get, and yes it can change hour to hour, person-of-the-same-age to person, sexual experiences and sensual comfort can be enhanced by using lubes that really have been designed for your body. The right lube makes all the difference.

There are times in every women’s life when she may be dryer than she wants to be, dryer than she feels she should be (I’m turned on right?!) and sometimes it can be damned uncomfortable. No shame. There are lots of factors that can affect this, from hydrations levels, hormone levels, certain medications, certain conditions for example some autoimmune conditions. Don’t give yourself a hard time. Because … life, right? Instead, let’s normalise using a good lube, cos we know what feels good.

So why is using lube good, why is it waay better than spit, and how comes not every lube is created equally?

Using a good lube is good because all that extra lubrication ensure that you are not getting micro tears in your vaginal mucosa that you might in a too-dry environment. This is important because it can reduce your risk of catching any potential STIs, and reduce opportunistic infection by bacterias associated with bacterial vaginosis and yeasts. Top banana! A good lube is way better than spit because spilt from yourself or you partner/s has it is own microbiome which may not be conducive to the microbiome of your intimate area.

And why not every lube is created equal? Quite simply, quality and suitability of ingredients. Some lubes contain ingredients that are found in anti-freeze, some contain ingredients that have been linked to disrupting hormones, some contain ingredients that actually dry your vaginal tissues once that initial jelly hit has dried to sticky balls. And as you’ve guessed, drying out your vaginal tissues is not a great way to keep your environment happy. Why some lubes have these ingredients I’m not sure, but it doesn’t feel as though they’ve been designed with us specifically in mind.

When I came to designing Wylde One I started with female physiology and worked up from there, designing a product that respects our intimate environment, with the correct pH range, ingredients that don’t dry out our tissues and ingredients that are made from plants. Because a happy planet is important too.Body safe products are so crucial to our safety in exploring our sexuality and our creativity, and I know that Prudence and Wylde One make a very compatible combination for your pleasure.

Kathie Bishop MNIMH is the founder of Into the Wylde, a natural intimate lubricant brand that is registered with the Vegan Society and The Soil Association. She also runs the clinic The Wylde Herbalist, where she helps women transform their vaginal health. She firmly believes that lube is for every women, not just around and beyond menopause, and that everything is better with right one.

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